If you are wondering how to sell sneakers online, we have the answer for you. 

We all have couple of old pairs of shoes just waiting to be thrown out. You have several options what to do with your used shoes, but if you are looking for an option to increase your income easily, then we highly recommend selling your shoes online. Collecting shoes is a fun hobby and is getting more and more popularity. For some it’s a hobby or just personal preference, for others it’s an income they are relying on. Most likely, you didn’t realize it, but you can earn quite a lot by selling used shoes online

Obviously, it depends on a type of shoe. The better type of shoe, the more you earn. However, it also depends on demand and what other people are looking for. You also need to consider some factors such as what are the fees, how long will it take to sell the sneakers, how will I get paid or will anyone save me if I get scammed?

Before selling your used shoes, we highly recommend cleaning your shoes, in order to have them at the best condition possible. Obviously, shoes look much better if they are in a good condition and clean rather than dirty and overused. If you are wondering how to clean your shoes properly, we have a throughout article prepared for you, where you can find out how to clean your shoes easily. 

When you are done cleaning your shoes, we suggest you to take really good pictures from several angles to show the buyer the condition of the shoes. Just imagine you are the buyer. You would like to know the real condition of the shoes. Therefore, it’s important to spend some time preparing your shoes to be sold, which can actually increase your profit from sales. Do you want to know how to make money reselling shoes? Then you definitely have to read the whole article and you will be ready to go. 

Where to sell shoes

There are many ways to sell used shoes. It all depends on your preferences and how much time or effort you are willing to put into it. The classic way is to sell them hand-to-hand to your friends or people you know. Another great option is to drop them off at big retailers such as Flight Club or Stadium Goods. The best option is to sell them through websites such as eBay, Amazon, StockX or GOAT and Frenzy mobile apps. 


Location: Online platform


Fee: Payment processing at StockX is at 3% and shipping costs are $13.95. Seller fees are at 9.5% and the rates will decrease after you have completed three sales. 


Payment: StockX is connected with your PayPal account and you receive the money after the shoes are verified and shipped. 

stockx logo

Selling process: StockX is a great way to sell your sneakers online. You can list your shoes for any price you consider fair and buyers can either accept the price or decline. Buyers can also list their own prices for a specific type of shoes and then it’s up to the seller to agree on the price or not. Once, both parties agree on a price, the seller will receive an email from StockX with a shipping label in order to verify the sneakers. The seller usually has two business days to ship the sneakers, otherwise there is a small fee taken out from the total price. The shoes must be unworn and in original box. 


The more sneakers you sell, the lower the rates. You can also check the StockX database on how much are similar shoes being sold for. However, some buyers have had issues with StockX regarding the quality of the shoes as StockX has a very high volume of transactions. In the past years, StockX had a major data breach, where it exposed over 6 millions of customer personal data. 


Location: Online platforms


Fee: none


Payment: The payment method is totally up to seller/buyer agreement. However, we recommend using a PayPal or a similar safe platform. 

instagram and twitter logos

Selling process: Simply post the sneakers on your personal account, use relevant hashtags and tags. You can also contact some Instagram accounts that are selling new or used shoes through Instagram, however, we cannot recommend you any specific profile. 


What’s good about selling through Instagram or Twitter is that you keep all the money and you are the one making rules. However, there is a high risk to get scammed or not to sell shoes at all. 

Flight club

Location: Online, New York, Los Angeles


Fee: 80/20 split.


Payment: You have two options to get the money from your sales through Flight Club. You can have money paid out to your online account on the website and then transferred to your bank account or pick up the check at one of the physical locations. 

flight club logo

Selling process: You can either bring your shoes personally to one of the physical locations or ship them there. After that, you have to agree with Flight Club on the price, that’s based on the store’s selling history. The shoes will be sold in-store at the physical locations and offered online as well. 


Flight Club is a well-known platform for selling shoes and has a trust of its users. Products are usually being sold quite fast. You have a possibility to change your price if you are struggling to sell the sneakers. Flight Club can also refuse any sneaker if the store is overstocked or they simply cannot sell the exact type of shoe. 


Location: App


Fee: Fees depend on the location. It starts with only $5 in the U.S., $20 in Canada, $25 in Guam. and $30 for the rest of the world. A commission fee is at 9.5 percent and can increase up to 15 or even 20 percent for cancelled orders. The commission fee depends on the seller rating. 


Payment: You will receive the money on your GOAT account, once the sneakers are verified. You can either use the money to buy sneakers or cash out. 

goat logo

Selling process: You need to become a seller if you want to sell on GOAT. You can list your shoes online after you have become an authorized seller. After the sale is made, you must ship the shoes to GOAT, in order to be authenticated. 


GOAT is the biggest reselling app and is growing its users. Both payment and selling process are fast and easy. The whole process of selling your shoe is through the mobile app, which makes it pretty easy and comfortable for sellers and buyers. The seller must only ship the shoe. You can sell both new and used sneakers on GOAT, but only if you are verified. You don’t need a box to sell your shoes. GOAT also offers you to clean the shoes for you. Probably the biggest challenge with GOAT app is the fact that you need to be verified to use the platform, which may take some time.


Location: Online


Fee: eBay offers you 50 free listings per month and the selling fee is 10 percent or lower. After you have used 50 free listings, it’s only 30 cents per listing. 


Payment: The buyers can pay by credit, debit or a PayPal account. 

ebay logo

Selling process: Create a listing and upload pictures of your shoe. People can bid on your sneakers as well as you can set a price that shoes can be bought instantly for. Shipping is not included in a price as you must ship the shoes yourself. 


EBay is the biggest marketplace on the internet, so you can reach lots of people with your products. The more you sell and the better feedback you get, the more likely you are to make more sales. If the buyer gives up on the product, you have to re-list the item. Don’t worry, eBay will refund your fees. 

Stadium Goods

Location: Online, New York City, Nordstroms location and partnership with eBay and Alibaba


Fee: 80/20 split.


Payment: You can either receive a wired ACH payment or pick up a check in person. 

stadium goods logo

Selling process: Stadium Goods in only 5 years in the business, but it increases in its popularity rapidly. You can either ship the shoes to them or bring them to New York City physical location. You agree on a price with a store’s staff, based on the market value. The store works on a weekly pay-out basis. 


Stadium Goods is growing rapidly in its popularity and is working on deals with big brands such as Nike, eBay, Alibaba and Nordstrom. However, you cannot collect money online for now and you also cannot change the price, once you listed your shoes online. You are being paid once a week. 


Location: Online


Fee: There is a 6 percent selling fee and 2.9 percent plus 30 cents fee for PayPal. 


Payment: Payment is through PayPal.

grailed logo

Selling process: Upload the product online and post three photos, in which one of them needs to be tagged with your username. Grailed consists of four markets – streetwear and sneakers, high-end designers, classic menswear and lower-end items. Simply add a short description of the item and Grailed will suggest the price, based on already sold items such as yours. Sellers need to ship the product themselves. 


The advantage with Grailed is that you can upload your shoes there, where the other platforms wouldn’t accept it. The fees are also lower than a typical 80/20 splitand you have a possibility to edit your listing. The seller’s feedback is extremely important, as there is no vetting if the product is real or fake before it’s uploaded. You are the one responsible for shipping the item, therefore, you can add it to the total amount. 

Round Two

Location: Online-coming soon, New York, Miami, Los Angeles


Fee: None


Payment: You have to bring the item you are selling to one of the physical locations and Round Two will buy it from you, in return for cash. 

round two logo

The advantage is that you get the money instantly and you can sell both new and used items. You also have to know for how much you want to sell the item and be able to negotiate the price. You can’t ship the items to the store. You need to come to the store physically. 

Facebook Marketplace

Location: Online


Fee: None


Payment: The payment method is totally up to seller/buyer agreement. However, we recommend using a PayPal or a similar safe platform.

facebook marketplace logo

Selling process: You can either just post pictures of your shoes on your personal profile and use tags, hashtags and ask your friends to share it so you can reach more people, or you can use the listing on Facebook Marketplace, which is pretty smart and easy way how to sell anything online. Although, people using the Facebook Marketplace usually search for cheap used staff to save money or recreate it. 


The advantage of Facebook Marketplace is that there are no fees and minor regulations. You will receive total amount of money you agreed on with the buyer. However, it can be quite risky as the buyer can scam you. 

How to find shoes to buy and sell

Are you considering to earn money from reselling shoes? Then we highly recommend reading these helpful tips. Reselling shoes is very similar to the stock market. You need to understand the market and what is currently trending and in demand. You will probably not make a lot from selling an old pair of classic Nikes. Therefore, you have to focus on shoes, that have history and increase in value over time, like a good quality wine. A good idea to start with is buying a new pair of kicks on release day at the retail price and sell them later as the price goes up. You can check the StockX for the current prices on the market. 

A perfect example is Nike SB x Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Dunky release. Chunky Dunky’s retail price was around $110 USD and they are at $3 200 USD right now. Just over two weeks after the release. It mostly depends on type of the shoe and the demand on the market. You kind of have to predict what’s happening right now and what factors can influence it. To get the latest releases, we recommend using the Frenzy app. The mobile app Frenzy allows you to get all the hottest sneaker and streetwear drops to your phone without any hassle. No more waiting in lines or trying to win over bots.

For many years, there were primarily two major brands that people were trying to flip to make a profit, Nike and Adidas. Both Nike and Adidas have made lots of lines of shoes during these years and partnered up with famous artists and athletes to make the best type of sneaker on the market. These two brands have been competing for years and that’s probably what pushed them towards their goals and made them better. As we can see, sneakers made out of collaboration with famous artists or athletes are getting more popular and increase more in value than others. Obviously, some kicks are more famous than others, therefore we will mention some of the most popular kicks when it comes to resell. 



Air Jordan, Air Yeezy, Air Mag Back to the Future, VaporMax, Nike SB x Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Dunky



Yeezy, Pharrell x Chanel, You N.E.R.D Pharrell, Friends and Family Burgundy 

How to find out if the sneakers are fake or not

You always have to remember to check the originality of the shoes before buying them, in order to make a profit. You have to double check if the kicks you are about to flip are fake or not, so you can prevent any future problems. There are people who try to earn money by selling fake sneakers, therefore you have to determine if the kicks you are about to purchase are original. Below, we will give you four ways to check the quality of the shoes.

·      Ask for the photos – Ask politely to see the actual pictures of the sneakers, to make sure they are real. A good advice is to suggest them to take a picture with a recent newspaper, or something with a date as a proof. 

·      Research – Remember to do a research about the seller before buying anything from him/her. Some online platforms offer a seller rating, which determines how trustworthy the seller is. It’s not recommended to buy from a seller with the rating lower than 90.

·      Ask for a receipt – If you are buying a new pair of kicks, always ask for a receipt. If the seller is trying to make an excuse or simply is not willing to send it to you without any explanation, go away. 

·      Trust yourself – If you followed all the steps before and if you are getting skilled in this specific industry, then you should trust your instinct to make a purchase. 


Even though, these steps are very efficient and helpful, there is still a high chance of buying a fake pair of kicks. There are thousands of factories all around the world, producing fake shoes that look almost exactly as an original pair of shoes. If you don’t have an experience and you don’t look closely enough, you have no chance of determining the originality of the shoe. 

As you could see, there is several ways how to sell used sneakers. We can’t tell you what is the best place to sell shoes, however we suggest you choose the one that suits you the most. It also depends if you are planning to sell more pairs of shoes or you just want to get rid off your old used shoes. If you have an entrepreneurial mind and you are looking for a side income, you can make a decent amount of money from selling new or used shoes online. 

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