If you are wondering what’s the best shoes for skateboarding and/or you want to find out more about Nike SB Stefan Janoski, you are at the right place. We’ve got it covered for you. 

We would love to talk more about skateboarding in general, but you didn’t come here because of that. Instead, we will talk about a specific skate shoes, that in our opinion are the best skate shoes ever made. 

We have compared, tried and tested several skate shoes, in order to find out, which brand or pair of shoes would be the best fit for either amateur skateboarding and/or advanced skateboarding experience. 

After an extremely fun time we had and many painful falls (we are not professional skateboarders), we have come to a conclusion. We at Streetammo love to announce good news. Therefore, the winner is…(drum rolls) Nike Stefan Janoski!!! We totally fell in love with Stefan Janoski shoes and we will tell you why. 

Despite the fact, we fell more times than a baby who learns how to walk, we had lots of fun and we really enjoyed the feel and the overall experience of Nike Stefan Janoski skate shoes. 

For our own sake, we will not show you any pictures or videos, but instead, we will tell you more about Nike Janoski, its history and how it became so successful. 

nike stefan janoski skate shoes

Nike skate shoes are commonly used for its comfort and quality in general. In 2002, Nike announced Nike “SB” brand, which is responsible for the creation of Nike Janoski line of shoes. Before Janoski became popular, skateboarders preferred Dunks, for instance Nike SB dunk low. The era was changing, and it brought lots of interesting events and turnarounds. 

Stefan Janoski and Nike collaboration

Nike made several collaborations within the period of 7 years (2002 – 2009), but one of the most memorable is the collaboration with Stefan Janoski. In 2009, Stefan Janoski has been given an opportunity to create his own signature release.

This was an amazing move for Nike, as Janoski is still one of the most popular skate shoes on the market. As a celebration of 10 years of Janoski, Nike SB film “For Daily Use” has been made. 

Creating of Nike SB Janoski

From the very beginning, Stefan gave strict parameters to the designer James Arizumi. "He wanted each part of the shoe to have a specific reason for being,” says James Arizumi. Some of you might be wondering why the sock liner looked like it’s made of cork. It actually was made of cork, because of his family’s winery in California. 

There are more than 10 versions of the Janoski, such as the Janoski Max, Janoski Max 2, Zoom Janoski, Mid, Slip or Canvas Premium. 

Where to buy Nike SB shoes.

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nike stefan janoski max skate shoes

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