4/20, a special day we want to celebrate with you. But why is that?

For most people, 4/20 is that one day a year pot heads and weed enthusiasts worldwide celebrate weed smoking and its effects on the human mind. That is fine, but it's not the same reason that is driving us to celebrate this day.

We are not trying to get you to smoke weed or to try it for the first time. We are not trying to talk you into it or to glorify taking drugs of any kind. In fact, we want you to leave drugs alone and be creative, active and productive instead.

Instead, for us, 4/20 resembles the golden era of Hip Hop and skateboarding, the early 90s.

A period which has created timeless music as well as timeless skateboarding, the basis for everything that has happened since then and is happening right now.

During this period, for the first time weed was mentioned, praised and promoted publically and, even more important, intentionall. It was not iust a word that was used in a line or appeared briefly in a video. No, this was the time weed had its introduction to the world on a prime time level.

Dr Dre released The Chronic", Cypress Hill took "Hits from the Bong", and Redman taught the world "How to roll a blunt. Baggy pants flooded urban fashion and skateboarding, and if you did not wear any yet it was time to get a pair.

For Streetammo, this is what 4/20 is. A reminder of the times that kickstarted everything that is still so very important to us today.

Stay clean, keep skating

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