In the gritty streets, the sound of a bouncing basketball echoes loudly. Players are relentless in rolling the ball harder and shooting more powerfully, sweat dripping down their faces. The game goes on under the scorching sun or the dim street lights. The asphalt court is the battlefield, and only the toughest and most skilled can dominate. Players move with agility, dodging and weaving through their opponents to get a clear shot. The tension is high, and stakes are even higher. In these streets, basketball is king, and only the strongest can reign supreme.
This classic capsule features a light organic cotton construction.
The Tees features a big, bold Players League graphic print with structured 3D basketball-feel on the back and a simplified logo with matching message "Roll Hard, Ball Harder" on the chest to complete the look.
The Hoodie comes with a full-zip and embroidered "Roll Hard, Ball Harder" logo on the front with the same feeling prints on the back you will get on the Tees.
Lastly - you will get a FREE Players League Basketball with your purchase of a Players League Zip Hoodie.